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A teach-in and creative workshop on Palestinian art & culture 
With Ren Allathkani & Artists For Justice


Recorded workshop
Take at your own pace ~ 30 - 60 minutes

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The Lines of Your Face

The Lines of Your Face

A short film by Tara Ani Baghdassarian weaving together fragments of memory, loss, and land. Lines of thought and territory collide in a visual poem of handheld footage from Armenia and the 2020 Artsakh War. On September 27, 2020, Azerbaijani military forces launched a full scale war in the autonomous region of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) with the support of Turkey and Israel. Approximately 90,000 Armenians in Artsakh lost their homes that fall. As of early January 2023, 120,000 remaining residents of Artsakh have been blockaded from the rest of the world by Azerbaijani military posing as “protesting environmentalists” for almost a month. Genocide Watch has condemned Azerbaijan as thousands of families currently face the winter cold and impending famine while all natural gas, food, and medical supplies have been blocked. WORDS FROM THE ARTIST As South African artist William Kentridge stated, “the idea of being an artist is that all the different mediums are open to you in which to explore the world. Which is to say to explore your relationship to the world.” Since the 2020 Artsakh War, my relationship to the world changed drastically. I bore witness to the continued ethnic cleansing of Armenians from their indigenous lands, eastern colonial expansionism (it’s not only the west who colonize), western- backed silence, gaslighting by “enemy” states pumped with anti-Armenian propaganda — all while our collective cries for justice drowned into an abyss of darkness. I had never felt so hopeless in my life. The Lines of Your Face is an attempt to dismantle, process, and recalibrate my perspective toward this planet — a globular map of ever-shifting territory lines. In the process, I revisited footage of mourning families that I couldn’t bear to watch for over two years. Through my art, I hope to engage, educate, and kindle collective healing for Armenians and other oppressed minorities. ___________________________ In dedication to All for Armenia ( Film by Tara Ani Baghdassarian
The Unseen Labor of Independent Artists
Iran, In My Dreams

Iran, In My Dreams

"Iran, In My Dreams" is a short film aiming to capture Iranian dreams of freedom. Whether small or large, common or particular, the people of Iran all have their own hopes and dreams. However, through years of domination, our visions and aspirations have collected dust. Locked away, no longer considered possible. With the current uprising, many people have found the key to their dreams once again. I want to know what they look like for everyone. I want to capture those dreams; and with the help of talented artists, illustrate them into life. Iranians come in many shapes, forms, and identities. Kurd, Lor, Persian, Jewish, Christian, straight, gay, black, brown, and many more. I want to showcase ALL of us. Not just the majority. I want my participants to allow themselves to dream. Allow themselves limitless inspiration and wonder. What will freedom look like to you? __________________________________ In dedication to The Association of Families of Flight PS752 Victims “On 8 January 2020, Flight PS752 was tragically shot down with two missiles only three minutes after takeoff from Tehran’s IKA airport. After three days of denial and under mounting international pressure, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) finally admitted that the Boeing 737-800 was brought down by its missiles, but the true circumstances of the downing has not since been revealed. This heinous operation claimed the lives of all 176 innocent passengers and crew of the flight.” Learn more at:
Centering the Community: Art-Making with the Public

Centering the Community: Art-Making with the Public

Community-centered art-making. What is it? What can it look like? What are the effects of it long-term? Research supports the use of participatory art-making as way to strengthen community pride, resilience, and collective ownership over re-creating public narratives. This can be seen in collaborative art-making done with the public, which Painter & Sculptor Paola Reyes-Melendez, a first-generation Mexican-Puerto Rican artist, has a lot of experience with. As a Muralist and Arts Education Director with Precita Eyes, she works with various communities and neighborhoods to create murals within urban environments made in collaboration with the people, keeping it culturally representative, inclusive, and open to the desires of the collective vision. Since starting her work in public art, Paola’s involvement with the community has grown over the years, bringing deep insight into why collaborative art-making is so important and how it can change a community over time. 
 Special shout out to Precita Eyes Muralists for inspiring us with your work!
 🗣️ Speakers: Paola Reyes-Melendez 🎙️ Host: Felicitas Fischer  🔗 Links to articles: 1. Community-Based Art Making: Creating Spaces for Changing the Story - Shauna Butterwick, Jan Selman ( 2. How the Arts Impact Communities - Joshua Guetzkow ( ______________
 🎵 Music Credits: "Bounce" by Coma-Media from Pixabay "Lofi Background" by Ashot Danielyan from Pixabay


Artists For Justice is a community of independent artists mobilizing their creativity to bring awareness and action to a variety of social-justice initiatives.


Through an exchange-based platform, we provide artists, audiences, and activists a unique space where collective creativity and call-to-action can powerfully intersect.


Our mission is to amplify and support the creative works of diverse emerging artists while igniting change in our communities, one action at a time.


Independent Artists

We are here to uplift diverse emerging artists, at any stage of creation or career. Our goal is to make independent artists feel supported, seen, & celebrated for their creativity, while forging new connections across disciplines in our community.

Invite Audiences to Take Action

Change starts with us.

We want audiences to feel empowered to get involved & create an impact in their own way. So, instead of buying a ticket, we encourage you to take actionable steps in support of an organization or cause of the artist's choice.

Support Local Organizations

Each artist gets to choose an organization or cause to dedicate their work to, followed by 3 actionable steps varying in activity, time, and involvement. We feature organizations monthly & call audiences in to support their work on the frontlines of creating

social change.

Create New Ways
to Engage

We aim to create new ways for artists & audiences to engage with each other beyond the 4th wall and enter spaces of open dialogue, connection, and creative exchange that builds up our community one artist at a time.


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