A collection of photos.

A thread of harmony.

A method of healing.

Photography by Frank Nuñez / KZ

4.24.21_SF  42.jpg
Watercolor Stain Transparent


Artists For Justice is an all-inclusive community of artist-activists mobilizing their creativity to bring awareness and action to a variety of social-justice initiatives. 


For every artistic contribution, audiences are invited to take actionable steps towards supporting an organization or cause of the artist's choice. We feature artists of all mediums and provide a unique platform where their creativity and personal call-to-action can intersect.  


Our goal is to honor and support the creative works of diverse emerging artists while making an impact in our community through the most authentic means of expression we know.



Support Independent Artists

We invite diverse emerging artists to showcase their original work and join our all-inclusive community for support, feedback, and inspiration.

Invite Audiences to Take Action

Instead of buying a ticket to a performance or gallery walk, we invite audience members to take actionable steps towards creating impactful change in order to see our contributing artists' work. 

Support Organizations of Various Causes

Our contributing artists get to partner up with an organization of their choice that audience members will directly impact through their actionable steps prior to viewing the artwork.

Build Community

It's time to pull back the curtain - we're here to bring artists and audience members together for open dialogue and mutual engagement around art-making & social justice issues.


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