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Dance Artist / Choreographer

Alex Law is an avid collaborator in the world of dance that thrives on the intersection of music, choreography, and improvisation. Since starting dance at age 10 and choreography a decade later, she’s found a home in experimentation that arises from dynamic collaborations between musician & dancer. Her choreography is driven by momentum, place, and the unknown spaces in-between.

In 2016, she earned a B.S in Human Biology from UCSC and a minor in Dance. In 2019, she was a featured ODC Pilot artist for a polyrhythm inspired piece, 4/3, in collaboration with drummer Cory Graves. She’s an Emerging Arts Professional Fellow of Arts & Capital in the Bay Area (2020), a 3-time SAFEhouse RAW resident artist (2018-2020), a Motion Pacific Incubating Artist and Co-founder of the dance group, Shift the Grid (2016).

Alex currently works as the Marketing and Communications Director for Kinetech Arts, a nonprofit hosting featured artists, technologists, and scientists from around the world in an open intersectional platform. She’s also the Communication Director of Kineviz where she promotes and produces content through graph data visualization and analytics.

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Photo Credit: Kyle Adler

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