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A piece on radical self-compassion, acceptance, and the importance of connecting with one's inner child

Performed & Edited by

Monica Portugues Frangoul

Music by Frank Sinatra (That's Life)

Words from the Artist:

Creating art is an inner reflection of the self. My intention for this piece was to reconnect with the self, the self-being of my inner child. This, for me, was a form of radical self-compassion and acceptance; I was challenged to recognize, allow, investigate, and nurture. And through this process of self-reflection, I realized the power in reconnecting with my child-like self. Childlike spirits are fueled by curiosity! With curiosity comes inquiry and with inquiry comes the opportunity to learn. In this crazy world, we all deserve to give ourselves the patience, kindness, and loving warmth needed to heal and reconnect with our authentic selves. We all deserve to fuel our curiosity and find excitement in learning about the world within and around us. This is a reminder that we are valid, we are strong, and we are resilient. 



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Abundant Beginnings is a collectively run, black-led community education and empowerment initiative that is re-imagining how communities can grow learners who think critically, live responsibly, and create meaningful change. They center on the needs of those who are currently marginalized from meaningful educational experiences, with emphases on Black students, gender expansive and queer students, disabled learners, students holding trauma and all the intersections.

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