Dance Artist & Creative Media Production - she/hers

Conni is a creative professional working in the Bay Area. Conni began dance at a young age, and took her first dance class at 3 years old. Over the years, she has trained in a variety of styles, including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Hip-Hop and West-African. She also had the opportunity to study with several companies in New York before relocating to the Bay Area. 


Conni continued to train and perform while completing her degree at the University of San Francisco. It was during college that she first began her relationship with film in an effort to master the skills necessary to capture dance on camera. Although Dance on Camera still remains Conni's passion, she has expanded into shooting and editing in a variety of genres and is flexible to adapting to different production environments. 


Conni currently works as a post-production coordinator for a small independent studio in Oakland, California and as a dance instructor for Studio 121. Her current production work includes portrait, dance, & travel photography, documentary film, and videography for outside projects. 

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Photography by: Conni McKenzie