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your contribution makes a difference, really

Since our start in 2020, Artists For Justice has been independently run and sustained by the collective voluntary efforts of our contributing artists, team members, and founding leaders. While we have built this community purely on chaotic energy (the good kind), passion for the arts, and an unwavering desire to create social change, we are always humbled and grateful for the financial contributions that - literally - sustain us and help us support more artists & organizations.


Help us make a difference in these ways:

Add to our

Community Fund for artists

who need new materials

Add to our annual donation amounts that go out to each year's featured organizations

Provide quality resources & supplies to help run our events, workshops, and more

Help us compensate new featured artists for their time & energy creating their work

Cover major operational costs to help us run this platform & grow it

Fund next year's AFJ

Annual Showcase & help us

make this happen again!

Your support makes AFJ possible. Thank you for supporting us!


All donations can be made on our Venmo or Paypal:

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