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Movement Artist, Choreographer
AFJ Co-Founder


Driven by a deep curiosity for movement, Felicitas is a lifelong practitioner and mover of contemporary dance forms. Her current focus lies in embodied research through improvisational methods, using movement as a vehicle for exploration within the body to observe, notice, and reflect on the world around her. Her approach incorporates diverse movement practices that reflect her own polyethnic experience while carrying influence from many other geographies, histories, and cultures that have imprinted on her over time. To her, movement is a means of storytelling, reclamation, and resistance through the physical form, which often drives her choreographic approach and artistic style when creating new work.  


Graduated with a B.A in Performing Arts & Social Justice in Dance (University of San Francisco, 2019), Felicitas has been making, moving, and performing across the San Francisco Bay Area (CA),  Seattle (WA), Germany, Brazil, Argentina, and currently, Mexico City. She works actively with Bridge Live Arts as the Community Engagement Manager, contributes annually to the online dance journal Stance on Dance, and has been leading Artists for Justice since its foundation in 2020. Her latest choreographic work, Lungs of the Earth, was selected for the Bay Area Shorts Film Festival and was featured in the University of San Francisco's Thacher Gallery Art Exhibition: All That You Touch.

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Lungs of the Earth

Lungs of the Earth

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