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Photographer - he/they


Photography is my passion. I grew up in California from an Latinx family. As I am connecting with my past and navigating Aztlan land, I am continuously documenting, creating and taking action however I can. Growing up, I was constantly influenced by work from Gordan Parks, Jill Freidman, Van Gogh and later Martin Chambi. I have found inspiration in everything I learn and see - the hard part is focusing on what is connected and finding balance.


This has motivated me to create work that evokes emotion, that can translate some of the things I see and feel. I want to create work that speaks to others who feel the same, whether it be experiencing depression, housing insecurity, or reflecting on their identity. There is a past, a present and a future. All exist at once and all provide the opportunity to learn and grow.


My most recent work is a zine titled "Diego to the Bay", a stepping stone designed to document moments of my current time in California. In the future, I would like to add poetry, collages, and drawings to it. The last Gallery show I was a part of was "Concealed Carry" with CVLT of 18, where artists captured an unaware subject using fast and skilled methods.

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