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Photography is my passion. I grew up in California from an Latinx family. As I am connecting with my past and navigating Aztlan land, I am continuously documenting, creating and taking action however I can. Growing up, I was constantly influenced by work from Gordan Parks, Jill Freidman, Van Gogh. I have been “taking photos” since I was in kindergarten and have found inspiration in everything I learn and see.

Photography has motivated me to create work that evokes emotion and translates some of the things I observe and feel. Taking them seriously and relentlessly for the past 15 years has led me to my focus - to work towards decolonizing art and photography as a medium, to “regenerate” moments, thoughts and ideas instead of “taking”. Working with artists like Josue Rivas, looking back at the work of Martin Chambi and Laura Agular, as well as my own practices, has all led to my work today.


I want to create work that speaks to others who feel the same, whether it be experiencing depression, housing insecurity, or reflecting on their identity. There is a past, a present and a future. All exist at once and all provide the opportunity to learn and grow.


My most recent work is a zine titled "Diego to the Bay", a stepping stone designed to document moments of my current time in California. In the future, I would like to add poetry, collages, and drawings to it. The last Gallery show I was a part of was "Concealed Carry" with CVLT of 18, where artists captured an unaware subject using fast and skilled methods.

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Photo  courtesy of the artist

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