Movement Artist - she/hers

Heidi Erickson is a choreographer, teaching artist, art administrator, and community organizer recently graduated from the University of San Francisco with a B.A in Performing Arts and Social Justice and a concentration in Dance. Coming from a small mountain town in Colorado, Heidi moved to San Francisco to pursue art activism and since then has supported the general operations of KD>>MovingGround for the past three years alongside Krista DeNio and performed in projects like NETWORK and EchoTheaterSuitCase. She is also a company member of the Dance Generators, an intergenerational company housed at USF. In 2022, she was the guest choreographer for the company and created Returning Forward and Evolutions of a Building.


Heidi is passionate about social justice and has specific interests in abolitionist work, workers' rights, gender issues, and general community mutual aid efforts. She uses embodied research to explore anti-racism and decolonization to further understand her own privilege and better support marginalized artists in her community.