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A short film aiming to capture Iranian dreams of freedom.

Produced & Edited by Yasaman Asgari

Music by Bahram Davani & Yasaman Asgari

Visual Art & Illustration by Golnoush Pak

Presented at the AFJ Annual Showcase 2023

San Francisco Public Library

Iran, In My Dreams

Iran, In My Dreams

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Words from the Artist:

Whether small or large, common or particular, the people of Iran all have their own hopes and dreams.


However, through years of domination, our visions and aspirations have collected dust. Locked away, no longer considered possible. With the current uprising, many people have found the key to their dreams once again.

I want to know what they look like for everyone. 

I want to capture those dreams; and with the help of talented artists, illustrate them into life.

Iranians come in many shapes, forms, and identities. Kurd, Lor, Persian, Jewish, Christian, straight, gay, black, brown, and many more. 

I want to showcase ALL of us. Not just the majority.

I want my participants to allow themselves to dream.

Allow themselves limitless inspiration and wonder.

What will freedom look like to you?



On 8 January 2020, Flight PS752 was tragically shot down with two missiles only three minutes after takeoff from Tehran’s IKA airport. After three days of denial and under mounting international pressure, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) finally admitted that the Boeing 737-800 was brought down by its missiles, but the true circumstances of the downing has not since been revealed. This heinous operation claimed the lives of all 176 innocent passengers and crew of the flight. The families of victims of Flight PS752 have found each other, established this non-profit organization, and aim to unite the grieving families to keep the memories of the passengers alive and seek justice for each and every victim.


Get the full story - read their fact-finding report that includes unpublished primary evidence & details on what happened

Sign the 752AFV Petitions to support their efforts in seeking justice & creating safer airspaces + international transparency

Write to officials to show solidarity & support for Iran's fight for freedom & justice

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