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Our goal is to amplify and support the creative works of diverse emerging artists while igniting social change in our communities, one action at a time. 

Through our exchange-based platform, we feature the works of diverse emerging artists in a format that invites audiences to take action in support of an organization or cause of the artist's choice. Prior to viewing any artwork, audiences are prompted to take actionable steps that may include:

  • learning more about the org

  • signing a petition

  • listening to a podcast

  • reading an article/book

  • watching an educational video

  • discussing the issue with others

  • donating to support the organization's work

  • creating artwork in response to the artist's work 

  • sharing resources and critical information on social media

  • writing & reflecting on the issue in a deeper way 

  • getting involved with the organization through volunteer work

  • or any other action that feels relevant & meaningful to engage with the issue 

Our hope is to encourage audiences to take agency over their activism in small ways, and make it more accessible, tangible, and approachable for anyone who wants to get involved, at any level. We want to combat the "all-or-nothing" mindset to activism and remind folks that every individual has the power to take action at any time (no revolution required), and can look like many things. There is no one way to be an activist, no value placement on how much or how little you do. We all have the ability AND responsibility to contribute in our own ways, which may look differently for each of us. But with every action taken, those small collective efforts can truly start to shift our social, cultural, and political fabric, and create the change we hope to see in the world.

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