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Our goal is to amplify and support the creative works of diverse emerging artists while igniting social change in our communities, one action at a time. 

Through our platform, we feature the works of diverse emerging artists in a gallery format where their artwork is available to view 24/7. In exchange for viewing their artwork, audience members are prompted to take actionable steps towards supporting an organization of the artist's choice, which may include:

  • signing a petition

  • listening to a podcast

  • reading an article/book

  • watching an educational video

  • researching more about the issue

  • donating to support the organization's work

  • creating artwork in response to the artist's work 

  • sharing resources and critical information on social media

  • having conversations with friends/family about the issue

  • responding to a prompt to reflect more deeply on the issue 

  • getting involved with the organization through volunteer work

  • or any other action that feels relevant & meaningful to engaging with issue 

Our hope through this exchange-based platform is to amplify + support the visibility & creativity of diverse emerging artists, who historically have been marginalized, excluded, overlooked, and underfunded in this white dominant & euro-elitist artistic world. At the same time, we want to empower audiences to learn about & take on real community issues with tangible, actionable steps that can ripple effect in impact for the organizations & causes we support.

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