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moonstruck - Alex Law.png

Experiencing the magic of a full moon rising with dance and live music



Choreography: Alex Law

Production & Composition: Jaren Feeley

Visual Art: Anna B. Dimitruk

Stylists: Erica & Katherine Lin

Trailer: Katherine Lin


Performed and choreographed in collaboration with:

Katerina Bousleli, Madelyn Bullard, Annalise Constantz, Clarissa Dyas, Nicole Maimon, Katherine Neumann


Composition performed by:

Sele Lidia Rodriguez (Flute and Bari Sax), Divya Farais (Violin and Saxophone), Daniel Goldberg (Saxophone), Jaren Feeley (Keyboard), Anthony Thornton (Drums), Dominique Campell (Drums), Selena (Voice and Drums), Lizzy (Voice and Drums)

Words from the Artist:

Moonstruck is a wild concert series that presents music and art off the beaten path. As an avid Bay Area choreographer, I was honored to be approached by composer, Jaren Feeley, to create a site-specific work for an ensemble of 6 dancers and 8 musicians. The undisclosed site of the live performance is both expansive and mystical in nature, inspiring us to explore transitions charted in the sky and experienced in our own lives. As day turns into night, we immerse the audience with a moving soundscape that explores the historic roots of the site while channeling different rhythms at once under the full moonrise. 🌝 More info at


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