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Multimedia Artist


Yasaman is a multimedia artist currently based in San Francisco. Originally from Tehran, Iran, she immigrated to New York City when she was 10 years old and received her Masters in International Relations from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. Throughout her life, she's struggled to find a personal identity among the many cultures she's lived in - not being quite Iranian, American or European -  which drives her creative work to focus on the shared values, and commonalities between these cultures.


One of her biggest takeaways is that we have more in common than
we have differences. Yasaman's work is meant to reflect that connection, to bring marginalized voices to the forefront, to dispute harmful stereotypes, and ultimately get people to care about each other.

Yasaman Asgari Headshot - by Katrina Hicks.JPG

Photo Credit: Katrina Hicks

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Iran, In My Dreams

Iran, In My Dreams

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