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Visual Artist - she/hers

Anna Dimitruk is a visual artist whose practice developed while at UC Berkeley. In addition to drawing, painting, and working with textiles, she enjoys print-making, scratchboards, and digital media. At present, her work explores the relationship between line, color, shape, and movement in abstract works using paint and digital media. It is inspired by plants and landscapes.

Anna created the design "Moonstruck" for a wild concert series that presents music and art off the beaten path through the collaboration of various performing artists. The live performance takes place at an undisclosed site in the East Bay, where dancers, musicians, vocalists, and star-gazers alike come together for an expansive and mystical performance in nature, inspiring audiences to explore the transitions charted in the sky and experienced in our own lives. Support Anna's work by checking out her merch items below: 

Headshot2x2 - Anna Dimitruk_edited.jpg
Felicitas Fischer: Meet the Team
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