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FLOW - Cover Photo.png


A live dance performance that explores how we can find and maintain states of flow in our everyday lives and in relation to our environment

Performance & Choreography by Conni McKenzie

Sound Design & Media Design by Conni McKenzie

Presented at the AFJ Annual Showcase 2023

San Francisco Public Library

Words from the Artist:

Flow explores how we can find and maintain states of flow in our everyday lives and in relation to our environment. This work is inspired by the mystique of natural bodies of water and their ability to move fluidly in both an organized and chaotic manner. 


A core theme to this work is that balance brings balance, which is fueled by avid curiosity. Humans come into this world in a state of flow, but somewhere along the way our curiosity becomes stifled. We fall into patterns that ultimately exhaust us (and our resources) to the point where balance feels too far to seek, and so we remain stuck in patterns that ultimately prevent us from having flow. 


When watching this piece, I want audiences to be reminded of their curiosity and the things they desire most in life. Finding moments of momentum is essential to recognizing the power we have to create change, and that the life we desire most is close by even though it may not be in our periphery yet. 


Being in this state calls for deep intuition, intentionality, and trusting yourself to rest when it is necessary. Through a dance performance accompanied by an audiovisual experience, I hope audiences embody a calming trance-like state that resembles flow.


Originally started as a kitchen table blog in her hometown of Oakland, Founder and CEO Rue Mapp created Outdoor Afro in 2009 to bring Black people together in nature through outdoor education, recreation, and conservation efforts. By leaning into nature, they focus on creating local outdoor experiences for Black folks to meet, explore, and be active in community. Now in its 13th year, it has grown into the nation’s leading organization, engaging more than 60,000 participants across 32 states of diverse lands, water, and wildlife. Their year-round activities range from fishing, hiking, biking, kayaking, gardening, skiing and more!


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