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In dedication to the

Women's Earth Alliance

Created by Maya Vargas

Untitled design.png
Words from the Artist:

In Growing, I wanted to explore the similarities between the growth stages of flowers and that of my own experience as a human. Overall, this piece to me is about my relationship with the earth and nature as well, and was a grounding experience to reflect on what I share in my growth process with the earth, and also how I interact with nature around me and what I can do to treat the land that I stand on better.



The Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA) catalyzes women-led, grassroots solutions in 26 countries to protect the environment and strengthen communities from the inside out.The actions women take in WEA’s programs are simple but profound — saving indigenous seeds, planting native trees, teaching solar cooking, launching sustainable farms, providing safe water, preserving traditional knowledge, building composting toilets, and protecting land rights in some of the most resource rich but threatened regions on Earth.

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