Painter & Illustrator - he/him

I've been making art since I was an early teenager. At first, I explored art to express my emotions because when I was younger, I had a hard time communicating with others (even if they were close to me) and I made art in my free time to try and understand how I was feeling. Throughout my artistic process, I not only expressed myself in a way that I could understand, but I unintentionally began sharing my work with others and involving them in what I do. People who enjoyed and represented my art, including teachers, fellow artists, skate-shop owners, brands and employers, shared it and appreciated it, which led me to drive myself as an artist after high school.


Now, I currently have an associates degree in Art and plan on furthering my education to get a bachelors and eventually a master degree. Eventually, I'd like to become a master of art, so that I can teach and inspire young minds in the way that my previous inspirations and teachers have done so to me. With my art I hope to challenge and question what the subject and meaning of art can be for my interpretation.