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Abstract Texture


Art for art's sake.


Paintings by Jack Boucher

Voldemort - Jack Boucher.jpeg

Mixed media; glue, oil paint, charcoal

16 " x 20 "


Mixed media on canvas

36 " x 36 "

Doberman - Jack Boucher.jpeg
Mona Lisa - Jack Boucher.jpeg
Mona Lisa

Oil, acrylic, spray paint, pastel, paint marker, white out

Words from the Artist:

I've been making art since I was an early teenager. At first, I explored art to express my emotions because when I was younger, I had a hard time communicating with others (even if they were close to me) and I made art in my free time to try and understand how I was feeling. Throughout my artistic process, I not only expressed myself in a way that I could understand, but I unintentionally began sharing my work with others and involving them in what I do. People who enjoyed and represented my art, including teachers, fellow artists, skate-shop owners, brands and employers, shared it and appreciated it, which led me to drive myself as an artist.



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Jack Boucher Headshot.png


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The Black Organizing Project is a Black multi-generational member-led community organization working for racial, social, and economic justice through grassroots organizing and community building in Oakland, California, and across the Bay Area. Their goal is to build a strong, bottom-up organization of Black people that will craft alternative models and institutions, rebuild the spirit of the Black community, and exercise political and economic power to create real systemic change.

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