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A digital collage created in technological space & time

Created by Ruby Homan

Visual Artist & Shapeshifter

Untitled-1 (2) - Ruby Homan.jpg
Words from the Artist:

I pulled images and photographs in public domain, photographed my own life, and scanned vintage postcards purchased in local bookstores.


The way in which my artistic journey has transformed has been remarkable. From pen and paper to digital creation, I am always in transition. This year I began playing with incorporating my body into my pieces to create a different kind of performance art. I am hoping to expand into the living performance realm of artistic creation. As of right now, my work is focusing on the injustices in the world; a very vague and broad way to highlight racism, genocide, sexual abuse, enslavement, and capitalism. I look forward to exploring these issues, examining my own mia’s and privilege, and redistributing wealth/reassures whenever or wherever I can.



Land Rights Now is an international alliance campaign to secure Indigenous and community land rights everywhere. They call on governments and others in power to take action, using peaceful action and the power of people to create change. They are guided by a set of policy recommendations, which are anchored in human rights and invite you to share and use these policy recommendations with your government or any other actor at every opportunity to assert your rights.

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