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Design by Shannon Boland.
Bella + Canvas Unisex, runs true to size. Made of 100% responsibly sourced cotton.
20% of all sales will go towards supporting 
Ella Baker Center for Human Rights (


About the Artist - Shannon Boland grew up in the Bay Area and graduated from UCLA. She recommends everyone read Are Prisons Obsolete? by Angela Davis. Follow her work @joynahs.

About the Design - The design was inspired by the call to divest from the police and to invest in community interests in order to eliminate poverty, homelessness, and the school to prison pipeline. I wanted to represent public programs in sectors such as housing, education, and transportation that are underfunded while the police and the carceral state at large are increasingly bankrolled. The speech bubble text is a common protest chant which originated in Chile; in English it translates to “the people united will never be defeated.” It is a reminder of the global fight against systems of injustice everywhere.

Community Over Cops T-Shirt

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