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Design by Pepe Sales.
20% of all sales go towards supporting Indigenous Environmental Network (

Made with:
- 175hsm fine art paper
- Matte finish
- 3 available sizes: 9" x 11", 16" x 20", 18" x 24"

About the Design - Nature writer Liberty Hyde Bailey once said that “nature does not idle” and I wanted to explore that in this piece. The processes in how nature transforms habitats, how stone is slowly eroded into a lush forest, is still not completely understood. Nature does not idle. A patch of dirt on a sidewalk, if left undisturbed for long enough will soon produce bouquets of thistles, vetches, euphorbs, and dandelions. I wanted to extend this statement to us as well. We are after all, products of Nature, and so we must also have an innate desire to refuse stagnation. I don’t know what that future looks like; it remains clouded in mysticism and magic but I know that it isn’t out of reach.

Reclamation Poster

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