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Design by Pepe Sales.
Bella+Canvas Unisex, runs true to size. Made of 100% responsibly sourced cotton.
20% of all sales will go towards supporting Indigenous Environmental Network (


About the Artist - Pepe Sales is an amateur printmaker based in the Bay Area. He works primarily with linoleum block printing, incorporating bold and simple shapes. Most of the time, he is a student learning about plants, insects and ecosystems, both native and novel. He likes to include elements of his studies in his prints and explore the intersection of mysticism, nature, magic and social change in his works. Follow his work IG @thistleprints

About the Design - Nature writer Liberty Hyde Bailey once said that “nature does not idle” and I wanted to explore that in this piece. The processes in how nature transforms habitats, how stone is slowly eroded into a lush forest, is still not completely understood. Nature does not idle. A patch of dirt on a sidewalk, if left undisturbed for long enough will soon produce bouquets of thistles, vetches, euphorbs, and dandelions. I wanted to extend this statement to us as well. We are after all, products of Nature, and so we must also have an innate desire to refuse stagnation. I don’t know what that future looks like; it remains clouded in mysticism and magic but I know that it isn’t out of reach.

Reclamation T-Shirt

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